Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Waiting Lucy (New large scale paintings)

i need to get back into painting big. 1000 drawings are good at that small size but its got no impact. Painting large will grab people's attention :)

Went to home depot and made 4 panels at 38" by 32"

First of the series is done

title: Waiting Lucy
size: 38" by 32"
medium: acrylic on wood
price: TBA

Saturday, February 16, 2008

New updates for 2008

title: 0056 Secret Friend
size: 11x14
medium: colorpencil, acrylic, pastel
price: $100
date: 02-19-08

This is a mash up from an old drawing I did for "Elf" I think I'm going to try to bring back some old imagery...

I was really hesitant to post this drawing up but I should anyways. I've been telling my students not to worry about each drawing and just not get pigeon holed into being "that artist that does".....Well, I dont want to be known as an artist that does only pretty art. The reason why I started this project was to be free from art direction...well, I guess in the process, i was art directing myself into a certain look. In the end, I think this drawing is a turning point, a transitional piece.... I'm no audrey kawasaki and seeing her work today made me realize how messy my work is. Well, this drawing proves my point even more. Audrey's canvas paintings are a nice turn from the wooden surface ... you should check it out, her work is solid.

anyways, before I loose my audience,

Here is 0055 Feels Strange. This week was a real struggle for me, I had to fight through this piece. Tell me I'm lazy, tell me I'm loosing it....but don't tell me this is bad art. This is one of my favorite drawings from the series....just cause there was a lot more conversation between the artist and the medium.

title: 0055 Feels Strange
size: 11x14
medium: colorpencil, acrylic
price: $100
date: 02-15-08

title: 0054 Wake
size: 11x14
medium: colorpencil, acrylic, pastel
price: $100
date: 01-24-08

title: 0053 Sonmi
size: 11x14
medium: colorpencil, acrylic, pastel, gouache
price: $100
date: 01-22-08

title: 0052 Eve
size: 11x14
medium: colorpencil, acrylic, pastel
price: $100
date: 01-18-08

title: 0051 Little Nemo
size: 11x14
medium: colorpencil, acrylic, pastel
price: sold
date: 01-03-08

Friday, February 15, 2008

For Sale

I'm featured in today'

So the price is set at $1000

There is warping around the board but nothing a good frame cant fix.
Also, Ill cut the edges so the sides are nice and clean.
If anyone is interested in purchasing this enormo drawing, please email me
Ill figure out the shipping later this week.

title: Sunny Rain Drops
size: 32" by 38"
material: Illustration board
medium: acrylic
Price: $1000

Also, I have a sister to this drawing

title: You're So Pretty
size: 32" by 38"
material: Illustration board
medium: acrylic
Price: 750$

The digital file is not the best quality


If you purchase both I can give a discount




Sunny Raindrops

Hello everyone,

Here is the better file for the image

title: Sunny Raindrops
Size: 2 feet by 3 feet
price: not yet set
medium: acrylic on board


About this piece,

I was really scared to get back into painting with acrylics and painting big. Well, after talking to my class in Otis, i felt like I needed to get back. First off, working on better ground, this board took up a lot of beating and will need a lot of work. Second, Illustration board is pure crap. Its already started to warp so Ill need to get it to a frame shop and glue it to wood.

Getting it shot (Scanned) was another issue. Artworks charged me 30$ for the digital file. I'm not sure if that's worth it. Good shot but a bit expensive. If I plan on doing any more of these, Ill have to befriend a photographer.

About this piece. Its really just a culmination of everything I learned through this 1000 drawing project. This drawing came by pretty quick, about 7 hours. I'm teaching a class where we do a series of drawings and I think this set as a good example to the students.

Price-wise, I'm not too sure. anything above $100 seems like a lot, so I'll have to talk to my dealer about setting a price. For now, I just wanted to share this drawing with you guys