Wednesday, December 27, 2006

lleuwen Cd cover

This is a step by step way to design a cd cover...bare with me, its the first one in YEARS!

1.ok so the client likes my work
2. Negotiates the price
3. Gives me a basic idea of what they want (Portrait in front of Penmon, where she lives)
4. Research
5. Sketch
6. Sketch is approved with exclusion of Roses (Doesn't grow there)
7. Fill in the details. Although the flowers are gone, I am going to replace them with butterflies and leaves. They gave me creative freedom to work on whatever I liked. Roses are specific so I guess they didnt want ppl to think, Roses? they don't grow here...Same thing could be said about the butterlies and leaves but I'm just going to put that in anyway. :)

btw, I asked her for a face shot that has hands in it but she cant get them to me until January. So i took some random foto of her from her myspace page to do the cover.

check out her myspace page.


here is a drawing that I have to finish in about 3 days. Apparently, I have an artist rep in portugal...she got me this gig to do a book cover for some dating guru.