Sunday, November 09, 2008

Biggest Fawn Fruits Fan

Marco is amazing... He's got 13 pieces! here is a simple email I got from him.

Hi Daniel :-)

great to hear! I am very happy that one again I could purchase my favorite pieces...In my personla opinion I chose your best three for some time :-))but thats only my humble opinon.

Let me see... I got 9 plus 1 skatedeck (from ISM) and the new three, makes 13 Daniel Lim /Fawnfruits pieces...could already put together a small exhibition in Germany :-)... maybe I am your biggest German fan?

Thanks again and I know I am repeating myself but keep upwith your great work.. trying to motivate you further by busily
buying your art.

Short antidote:
Everyone who comes into my flat here in Germany only calls them the ANGELS on my walls. By the way the most loved pieces
hanging on my walls (since I alsways ask the people) seem to be 069 Love is a striped Shirt & 068 Hey July Just Smile

Good night, thanks & kind regards,
Marco Petrick

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