Thursday, September 20, 2007

Starlet Petals


Here is an article from Juxtapoz

Artist Fawn Fruits (aka Daniel Hyun Lim - Reader Art 23 Jan 06) has a new name, a new attitude and a new body of artwork. Available for the first time are many of the original pencil & charcoal drawings used as the basis for his most popular digitally colored prints. These original drawings show that he is someone who is talented on and OFF the computer. Fawn Fruits is part a new group of young artists who have grown up around both traditional and new media tools, making them that much more adaptable and resourceful when making their artwork.

With Fawn Fruits, there is an important idea or purpose behind everything being made. We will let him explain it to you, "My artwork is greatly (if not mostly) influenced by media. I grew up watching a LOT of television. Therefore, my work revolves around pop culture, fun, and excitement. However, when people see my work, they do not see "bubble gum hyper Japanese visuals". Although my work is filled with these sorts of images, I have never been able to let go of my darker, more depressed nature. It may be because of losing my mother to deep depression, or even suffering a mere simple crushed heart. Whatever lured me to my "dark side", there has always been a taste of that side of me within my work. Everyone has different ways of coping with tragedy. I've learned to cope through drawing—my form of self expression. My color palette has changed from dark, muted tones to those of pastel hues. My medium has also changed from heavy acrylics to lighter colors and styles.

"Working with children has also played an integral part in my life as an artist. I've learned to not take life so seriously and just have fun making my images, now. Like a preschooler wouldn't question his/her ability to draw the human figure, I've learned to just let go and draw for fun! When people look at my work, I would like them to see......hope. We all go through struggles in life, some bigger than others. We are all bombarded with images of despair and destruction. Me? I just want to draw something that will bring smiles, peace, and healing to my audience."

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